Man Kung MK-NCB75BK Fossil compound bow 50~70 LBS - 275 FPS. The Man Kung MK-NCB75BK Fossil compound…
€ 220,00 € 199,00
In stock
Man Kung MK-XB23GODC Anaconda recurve crossbow 175 LBS – 245 FPS. Now introducing the Man Kung…
€ 189,00
In stock
Man Kung MK-XBS25 crossbow string The Man Kung MK-XBS25 crossbow string comes with two limb…
€ 17,95
In stock
Man Kung MK-XB65BK-LIMB crossbow limbs The Man Kung MK-XB65BK-LIMB crossbow limbs are suitable for…
€ 59,95
Not in stock

How our shipping works

We ship our orders using DPD or the postal system. Each order is packaged professionaly, the contents will not be visible from the outside. Because we have all items in stock, your order will be shipped right away. If you pay by wire transfer, your order will be processed as soon as we receive your payment. Shipment usually takes a few days, click here for more specific delivery times and the shipping costs. DPD delivers parcels from Monday to Friday. Please contact us when you do not want your order to be shipped right away, or when you have other special needs or wishes.

We also offer you the possibility to come and pick up your online order at our pick-up point in Hurdegaryp, The Netherlands. We are located in the building of the lawnmower-company Hooghiemstra Hardegarijp BV. You can pay with either debit or cash. While ordering, you should select 'Pay on pickup'. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your order is ready.


Our products are priced very competitively, but sometimes we give an additional discount on some items. A selection of these are listed below. Click here for all our discounted items.

Man Kung MK-NCB75GODC Fossil compound bow 50~70 LBS - 275 FPS. The Man Kung MK-NCB75GODC Fossil…
€ 229,00 € 199,00
In stock
Man Kung MK-CBA5BK Thorns compound bow 30~70 LBS - 300+ FPS. The Man Kung MK-CBA5BK compound bow is…
€ 322,00 € 279,00
In stock
Man Kung MK-CBA2GODC Mirage compound bow 15~70 LBS - 300 FPS. The Man Kung MK-CBA2GODC Mirage…
€ 314,00 € 269,00
In stock
Man Kung MK-185FC Brandon recurve crossbow 185 LBS - 250 FPS. The Man Kung MK-185FC Brandon recurve…
€ 180,00 € 159,00
In stock

About our company

ManKung.com is part of Mirito Outdoor B.V. This company is located in The Netherlands and is specialised in various outdoor brands. We sell to both private and business customers all over the world. ManKung.com focuses very specifically on the archery products of Man Kung. We have large quantities in stock so we can ensure a fast delivery. We have several years of experience with Man Kung. Contact us if you need any help. For The Netherlands we have a special website in Dutch: ManKung.nl.

Laws and regulations

The laws and regulations regarding crossbows, archery bows and blowguns differ by country. Archery bows are allowed in most European countries, but the posession of crossbows might only be allowed over a certain age. In some countries, crossbows are completely prohibited or posession requires a license. As far as we know, blowguns are legal in all the European countries except the United Kingdom and Ireland. Click here for a complete overview of the laws and regulations by country.

About Man Kung

Since 1988, Man Kung is specialized in the design and production of archery products. It produces a complete range of crossbows, archery bows, blowguns and accessories. It is one of the most popular archery brands in the world, and has gained a lot of fame due to its excellent value for money. It tries to maintain its leading position through continuous innovation with high quality materials. It often introduces new products to keep up with the newest developments and to meet market demand.


Feel free to contact us. We will do our utmost to answer your questions.

  • info@mankung.com
  • +31 85 27 35 116 or 0031 85 27 35 116
  • Rijksstraatweg 121
    9254 DD  Hurdegaryp
    The Netherlands


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