Man Kung MK-RB001 Apollo recurve bow

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40 LBS - 133 FPS. The Man Kung MK-RB001 is Man Kung's most powerful recurve bow. While the MK-RB007B is advised for youngsters up to 16 years, this MK-RB001 is especially suitable for archers from 16 years of age. The MK-RB001 is designed for right-handed archers, and belongs to the same series as the compound bows MK-CB55B and MK-CB55AC. The drawing system of this bow is, however, very different from those models. Compound bows must be pulled over their dead center with excessive force, after which less force is required. With recurve bows, however, an ever-increasing effort must be made. As a result, more strength is required at the moment of aiming. That makes shooting with recurve bows more challenging.

The limbs of this MK-RB001 may appear slightly gray in the pictures, but in reality are painted in white.

Now temporarily supplied with a free bow stringer worth € 10,20.

  • Draw weight: 40 LBS
  • Draw length: 71,1 cm
  • Velocity: 133 FPS - 41 m/s
  • Weight: 1633 grams
  • Length: 154,9 cm
  • Fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminium riser
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty
  • This product might not be allowed in your country, please check the laws and regulations
  • Suitable for archers aged 16 or over
  • Including arrow rest

Needing arrows? The Man Kung 30 inch aluminium bow arrow and the Man Kung 30 inch carbon bow arrow are suitable for this bow. The aluminium arrow is cheaper and can withstand more impact than the carbon arrow, but is easier to bend.

Click here for a complete overview of the accessories for the MK-RB001.

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