Man Kung MK-SR bow stabilizer

€ 16,50 (including VAT 21%)
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The Man Kung MK-SR bow stabilizer can be mounted into the screw hole at the front of the riser of your bow. By doing this, you put weight on the front of the bow under the grip. This gives you a better balance during your draw. A bow always has the tendency to rise when it is drawn. This is because the string is drawn at a higher point than where the grip is positioned. The stabilizer compensates for this, making it easier to keep the bow still and shoot more accurately. In addition, it absorbs vibrations that occur when the string is released. This is more comfortable for your hand. It also absorbs sound which makes your bow quieter.

  • Screw thread: 5/16 UNF

The Man Kung MK-SR bow stabilizer is suitable for the following bows:

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