Man Kung MK-CBK1-BK Besra compound bow

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19~25 LBS - 121 FPS. The Man Kung MK-CBK1-BK compound bow is the successor of the MK-CB010B. This MK-CBK1-BK has been improved in a number of ways compared to the MK-CB010B. The draw weight is now adjustable from 19 to 25 LBS, making it suitable for almost every shooter. It is also much shorter than the MK-CB010B, which makes it easier to store. The rubber parts on the string protect your fingers, so a separate finger tab is no longer needed. This MK-CBK1-BK comes with an arm guard, a quiver and two arrows. It is suitable for right-handed archers (hold the bow with the left hand and pull the string with the right hand).

  • Draw weight: adjustable from 19 to 25 LBS
  • Let-off: 75%
  • Draw length: adjustable from 48,3 to 52,1 cm (19,0 to 20,5 inch)
  • Velocity: 121 FPS - 37 m/s (at 25 LBS)
  • Weight: 1010 grams
  • Length: 63,5 cm
  • Plastic limbs
  • Plastic riser
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty
  • This product might not be allowed in your country, please check the laws and regulations
  • Suitable for youth aged 12 to 16 years
  • Right-handed model (hold the bow with the left hand and pull the string with the right hand)
  • Including arm guard
  • Including finger protectors
  • Including 2 Man Kung 26 inch fiberglass bow arrows

Needing extra arrows? The Man Kung 26 inch fiberglass bow arrow and the Man Kung 30 inch fiberglass bow arrow are suitable for this bow. The 30 inch arrow is heavier than the 26 inch arrow, which makes it more accurate but less far-shooting.

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