Man Kung MK-XB27BK Hound recurve crossbow

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175 LBS - 255 FPS. The Man Kung MK-XB27BK recurve crossbow is the black version of the MK-XB27GODC and has a draw weight of 175 LBS - just like the MK-XB21BK and MK-XB21GODC. As a result, it shoots considerably faster than the 150 LBS crossbows from the MK-150 series. It also shoots a bit faster than the MK-XB21BK and the MK-XB21GODC because the string is pulled back a bit further. Another important advantage over those models is that it is equipped with a Picatinny rail under the barrel. You can mount a bipod, laser or light on it. The front grip is also mounted on this rail which makes it movable. An adjustable iron sight is mounted as standard on the top rail, but you can also mount the included red dot on it. The stock is adjustable as well. A cocking string is included to help you draw the crossbow. This tool reduces the draw weight by about half. That makes this crossbow easier to draw than the models from the MK-150 series because they cannot be drawn with a cocking string. The included stringer and bolts make it a complete package. Last but not least it is equipped with an automatic safety to avoid accidents.

  • Draw weight: 175 LBS (with the cocking string approximately 88 LBS)
  • Velocity: 255 FPS - 78 m/s
  • Accurate up to 60 meters
  • Weight: 2368 grams
  • Length: 78,0 cm
  • Width: 66,0 cm
  • Upper rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
  • Lower rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
  • Fiberglass limb
  • Aluminium barrel
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty
  • This product might not be allowed in your country, please check the laws and regulations
  • Including red dot
  • Including cocking string
  • Including stringer
  • Including 2 Man Kung 16 inch aluminium crossbow bolts
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