Mk xb86dc

Man Kung MK-XB86DC Fighter compound crossbow

€ 340,00 € 269,00 (including VAT 21%)
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185 LBS - 370 FPS. Upgrade your arsenal with one of our latest models: the Man Kung MK-XB86DC Fighter compound crossbow. Made for excellence, this crossbow has a draw weight of 185 LBS, causing it to reach a notable 370 FPS (113 m/s). In a flash, a target up to 90 meters can be shot accurately! 

In terms of design, the bow section and a variety of rubber dampers are reminiscent of the MK-XB52BK. The MK-XB86DC is outfitted with a recoil damper, built-in finger guards in the fore grip, and a soft coating to its stock, all to enhance the user comfort. The 20mm Picatinny rail allows users to add different types of sights to boost their aiming experience.

The MK-XB86DC has the renowned anti-dry fire technology, helping to prevent the firing without a bolt.

We recommend this crossbow to experienced users due to its sheer force.

The MK-XB86DC is also available in black (MK-XB86BK). This marvellous crossbow comes with a 4x32 sight, sling, quiver, cocking string and 4 Man Kung 20 inch aluminium crossbow bolts.

    ✔  Feels solid because of few moveable parts
    ✔  Featured with silencers in its string
    ✔  Featured with silencers at its foot stirrup
     No adjustable shoulder stock
     No Picatinny rail underneath
      Can be drawn with a cocking string (included) but not with a cocking winch

  • Draw weight: 185 LBS (with the cocking string approximately 93 LBS)
  • Velocity: 370 FPS - 113 m/s
  • Accurate up to 90 meters
  • Anti-dryfire
  • Weight: 3561 grams
  • Length: 94,0 cm
  • Width: 54,6 cm
  • Rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
  • Fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminium barrel
  • Including 4x32 sight
  • Including sling
  • Including quiver
  • Including cocking string
  • Including 4 Man Kung 20 inch aluminium crossbow bolts
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