Maximal compound bow case

€ 52,95 (including VAT 21%)
In stock

The Maximal compound bow case is excellent for transporting and storing your compound bow. It is padded on the inside so your bow won't get damaged. In addition to that, the bottom two corners are featured with special pads as extra protection for the cams. You secure your bow with two straps. On the outside it has two pockets: the largest pocket is suitable for your arrows and the other pocket for accessories such as a tube of string wax, a release or an arrow puller. In that way you can keep all your gear nicely together. It is equipped with a shoulder strap, but you can also carry it by hand.

  • Length: 96,0 cm
  • Width: 44,0 cm
  • Height: 7,0 cm

This Maximal compound bow case is suitable for the following bows:

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