Man Kung MK-XB56GODC Frost Wolf compound crossbow

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175 LBS – 375 FPS.  Introducing the Man Kung MK-XB56GODC Frost Wolf compound crossbow: meant for experienced users. Built with a lightweight yet incredibly robust aluminium structure, it possesses the strength of much heavier metal alloys while significantly reducing overall weight. The MK-XB56GODC has a draw weight of 175 LBS and it’s able to reach a stunning 375 FPS (114 m/s); this means that it can reach targets up to 90 meters with impressive accuracy.

The MK-XB56GODC has been designed for user comfort: the composite stock can be adjusted up to 5 stages, the fore grip is adjustable, and the 20mm Picatinny rails, at the bottom and top, accommodate various rail accessories, such as a red dot or UTG crossbow bipod.

Safety is a top priority with this model, featuring trigger safety, dry fire safety technology, finger guards on the foregrip, and string dampeners, providing a secure and protected shooting experience.

The MK-XB56GODC is also available in two additional colours: black (MK-XB56BK) and forest camo (MK-XB56FC).

Included in the package is a 4x32 sight that can be mounted to the 20mm rail located on the upper side of the crossbow. Additionally, the package contains a sling, quiver, cocking string, and 4 Man Kung 20 inch carbon crossbow bolts.

  • Draw weight: 175 LBS (with the cocking string approximately 88 LBS)
  • Velocity: 375 FPS - 114 m/s
  • Accurate up to 90 meters
  • Anti-dryfire
  • Weight: 3402 grams
  • Length: 89,5 cm
  • Width: 45,7 cm
  • Upper rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
  • Lower rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
  • Fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminium barrel
  • Including 4x32 sight
  • Including sling
  • Including quiver
  • Including cocking string
  • Including 4 Man Kung 20 inch carbon crossbow bolts
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